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Partner with us and earn at least 10% profit
Use your store as a retail outlet for top-up cards and earn up to 15% margin on each card sold as well as access to free gift vouchers that you can give to deserving customers as a reward for shopping with you. We seek resellers worldwide who can redistribute within their communities so that users there can buy easily in their local currency.

Questions on how to become a reseller can be directed to

1. Why become a NaijaNimi Reseller?
Thousands of people use, while some buy online or pay to the bank, a vast amount of people don't have online payment cards or the time to go to the bank - this is the opportunity for you. You can make a lot of money by bridging the gap.

2. How it works
You buy a batch of electronic PINs from us, each representing a N500 or N1,000 value. You distribute these PINs to users in your local community, the users enter the PIN into their account or mobile app to receive SMS credits. With the 10% discount we provide you and the handling fee you may charge to end users, you can make very good profit. You don't need any technical skills, you just need to know how to reach your customers.

3. How To Resell NaijaNimi PINs ?
Typically, a customer gives you N500 or N1,000 and you give him a PIN. A typical user should have internet access on his mobile phone or PC so he/she can use the website or software. Ways to resell include word of mouth, email, telephone kiosk, retail stores, etc.

4. How To Become A Reseller?
a: Create an account on
b: Apply for resellership via email to
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