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Payment Methods
Buying of SMS credits can be done in several ways such as online with Verified by Visa cards, via Bank deposits/transfers and also from local retail outlets or resellers.

In Abuja, instant top-up cards are now available at Sahad Stores while we are also working to get more retail partners worldwide. Unlike bank payments, top up cards give instant value with zero waiting time. Just scratch the card and load either in your mobile app or on the website after logging in.

For direct purchases, we offer Bank payment and Online store purchase options. We have accounts with Zenith, Oceanic and GTBank which can be credited directly or via online bank transfers.

Bank Step 1: Create an order online at the website and note your transaction ID.
Bank Step 2: Pay into any of the bank accounts specified on the invoice
Bank Step 3: Notify us of payment details and transaction ID via SMS or Email.
Bank Step 4: We confirm that your payment has indeed reached our account and approve your order. Your account is credited automatically on approval.

Our online store at sells vouchers that can be used on and The store presently supports payment using Verified by VISA ATM cards only. When you plan to top up your account with vouchers, there is no need to create an SMS order online. Once your online purchase is successful, you receive your voucher code via SMS. This code already has credits on it so all you need do is login at the website and load the instant credits.

Zenith Bank branches in Nigeria also resell Tinitop Technologies voucher codes but their staff and system tend to get confused every now and then. Any N1,000 voucher code purchased from Zenith can be used to get N1,000 worth of SMS credits at or to activate a Premium Basic subscription at If a Zenith Bank teller says they do not have Tinitop Technologies vouchers, please tell them to check account number 6012619888 on the X-path system and they would find it.

We need resellers worldwide who can redistribute vouchers within their communities so that users there can buy easily in their local currency. Discount for resellers is 10 percent. Questions on how to become a reseller can be directed to
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