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To make sure users are still able to send SMS even in the absence of an active free SMS campaign, the premium service enables users send SMS with custom sender ID and with no adverts inserted. It is subscription based and valid for 90 days at a stretch. Whatever credits are unused at the end of 90 days are added to your next subscription so no credits are forfeited. If however, you exhaust your allotted credits before 90 days, you can make another subscription immediately to enjoy uninterrupted service.

There are presently three premium categories based on popular demand: 200 credits for N500, 525 credits for N1000 and 2100 credits for N3600. With premium SMS, you can use fancy sender names and type much longer text messages with no adverts inserted. Premium SMS is the recommended option for business users and subscriptions start from 500 Naira only.

Vouchers for activating premium SMS credits can now be purchased from local retail outlets. Please see our reseller locations for details.
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