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Tinitop Technologies is committed to making life easier using technology in any way we can and at the same time reducing the expenditure of our customers.

We now run a virtual telephone group on the Airtel platform which helps our members cut down on their spending drastically. This service is called CallMeFree. Use of this network does not require any software or Internet access and can be accessed using any Airtel SIM card at all.


- Call any Airtel line that is in the CallMeFree group for free all day and all night even when your airtime credit is zero

- Get reduced telephone call rates (lower tariff) by default even if you don't activate any special package

This simply means that if every member of your family or staff belongs to the group, they don't have to buy credit to talk to each other. This is very good for branch offices to keep communication costs low and for families who can now afford to give younger children phones without the need for them to load recharge cards. Wedding planners and other service providers that need to constantly stay in touch with their clients simply have to give their clients temporary lines that they can use to talk for free during the duration of the contract. You will find that when you don't have to pay for every word you say, you work more effectively.

How do we join the CallMeFree group?

If you already have an Airtel line, all you need do is log into your account at and click on the "Activate CallMeFree" link in the menu on the right. Enter the list of numbers you want to enroll; select the bank you wish to pay through; select the number of months; complete the process online. After you have made payment, we then send your number (or list of numbers) to Airtel for addition to the CallMeFree group. This is usually done within 4 days. Once this is done, calls to other CallMeFree lines will cost zero naira.

How much does it cost to join the CallMeFree group?

There are 2 categories of CallMeFree users.

  —   Pro: Subscribers that use more than N5,000 airtime in a month on their Airtel lines
  —   Basic: Subscribers that don't load up to N5,000 on their Airtel line monthly and only use them because of the CallMeFree package

CallMeFree Pro subscribers only need to pay N500 for CallMeFree if they prepay N5,000 each month. N500 is deducted and the remaining N4,500 is credited to their phone for making calls outside the CallMeFree group. If the 4,500 airtime is exhausted before month end, you can load more credit by using a regular Airtel recharge card.

CallMeFree Basic subscribers pay a fixed monthly fee of N1,250 to be part of the CallMeFree group. This is the recommended option for you if you don't want to take responsibility for calls made outside the CallMeFree group by the user of the line.

I don't want to bother about buying a new phone. What can I do?

For N9,000 only, we can provide you a Nokia 5030 XpressMusic handset and SIM card with CallMeFree activated for one month. This is a genuine Nokia with 2.5mm jack, FM radio, speaker, and great battery life which is very important when you are making free calls.

What are the tariffs on the CallMeFree group like?

Calls to other CallMeFree lines = free

Calls to Airtel lines outside the CallMeFree group = N10/minute or 17kobo/second

Calls to other Networks= N20/minute or 34kobo/second
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