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Sponsored SMS
Because we found that thousands of Internet users needed hassle-free SMS services, we created to fill that gap with the concept that commercial and public service sponsors will pay to insert adverts in outgoing text messages while members are given these SMS credits for free.

Starting in November 2010, Tinitop Technologies was the major advertiser sponsoring adverts about Nigerian patriotism, Responsible Road Use, Voter Registration, Emergency Services, Free SMS, and CallMeFree. Recently, more advertisers have joined with sponsored campaigns that members can join in exchange for free SMS.

All a user needs to do is go and claim free credits from the advertisers' SMS campaigns as soon as they are launched. To be among the first to know when new SMS campaigns are started, please follow @naijanimi on twitter. There is no need to hoard your SMS credits because if you run out of credits while a campaign still has free credits, you are free to claim credits over and over again. Even if a particular campaign is closed, you can be sure another advertiser will come along soon after.

It costs as low as N6,000 to place footer adverts that will be seen by thousands of people in SMS from Please email if you would like to use this platform to reach millions of users with your advert via SMS. It is ethical, does not invade the privacy of recipients, and unlike conventional SMS broadcast, people usually keep the messages they receive from friends along with your advert.
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